Blocking Out Noise and Focusing At the Office

People who have become accustomed to working in an office culture know that one of the most significant issues facing office life is your coworkers’ ambient noise. As conversations happen in enclosed spaces, sound travels throughout and has the potential to create distractions. It becomes harder to focus on your current tasks when you hear your neighbor on a client call or the water cooler chit-chat about what to binge on Netflix carrying through the cavernous office. As you begin to consider your office space’s layout and how you can improve efficiency, you have to start to consider the benefits of sound masking technology. Here’s an infographic that shows how sound can harm your productivity:

how sound can disrupt office flow

Thanks to Network Drops, you now have the tools and ability to counter the ambient noise with sound masking technology!

How Sound Masking Works

Sound masking works by adding background noise to your office designed to cover other people’s conversations and more distracting sounds. Naturally, we are drawn to the sound of other people’s voices through our naturally curious nature. By adding the white noise to your office, you can make far off conversations that would otherwise prove moderately distracting negligible, and your staff can focus more clearly on their daily tasks. 

Custom-Designed Sound Masking Solutions

The sound masking devices’ placement proves critical for your office to experience the technology’s full range of benefits. Our team can help you figure out how many devices your office requires and where to place them to get the best level of coverage. We can put them in the ceiling tiles or suspended over the space. The devices are connected so they can create a unified sound that covers your office space with pleasant background noise to mask conversations. 

Finding the right solutions for your ambient office noise problems is critical for your business. By teaming up with Network Drops, our team of trained technicians can diagnose and design the best path forward utilizing the latest in sound masking technologies! Our talented team can also help you find network infrastructure solutions in Monmouth County, New Jersey, and any web conferencing solutions you may need in Montgomery County, PA. Contact our team for a free installation quote today!