The Essentials for a Wireless Warehouse

When you are trying to operate an effective warehouse, efficiency and structure are two of the most important qualities to maintain. Here at Network Drops, we value structure so much that we are known as one of the best-structured cabling solutions providers in New Jersey. So, when it comes to operating a wireless warehouse, there is no better company to turn to than ours.

However, before you call the most trusted structured cabling solutions contractor in South Jersey, allow us to cover some of the essentials of wireless warehouse management.

Warehouse Site Survey

When you rely on the professionals from Network Drops to make your warehouse more efficient, one of the first things we’ll do is conduct a warehouse site survey. Our technicians perform a complete network audit of your site and conduct any tests and analyses needed in order to create the best cabling and network installation for your warehouse.

RF Guns

A vital piece of equipment in any retail warehouse is an RF gun. Even though smartphones have the capability to turn into RF guns of their own, our team at Network Drops firmly believes in sticking with the traditional type of RF gun. Some of the reasons traditional RF guns are better than smartphone scanners include:

RF guns scanners are usually 2x faster than smartphone scanners
RF guns offer longer range scanning
Longer battery life
Dim light scanning

If you truly want to have an efficient, wireless warehouse operation, you should strongly consider RF guns for your warehouse.

The Best Wireless Router System

With so many various kinds of routers, it can be confusing which model to choose. Luckily, the technicians from Network Drops know how to optimize your wireless infrastructure, and can help you better understand the router that best supports your warehouse. We are proficient with:

Wireless AC – Gigabit WiFi/1 GigaBit per second
Wireless B – Wireless B is no longer manufactured, however, many new routers still support this method
Wireless G – 54mbps, a faster version of wireless B

When the time comes for you to improve your warehouse facility, contact the cabling and network professionals at Network Drops!