How Can I Tell My Office’s Network Needs an Upgrade?

Distressed man sitting in front of laptop on the phone

Office buildings should provide a comfortable and efficient environment for their employees to work together. Everything from the paint on the walls to the kitchen setup and the office network plays an essential role in maximizing their productivity. When companies encounter issues with their team’s work, figuring out the underlying causes of their problems can point them to an out-of-date network bringing their efficiency down. But how can office managers looking for ways to improve their team’s performance tell if their network needs an upgrade?

Frequent App Crashes and Screen Freezes

Depending on the size of your office, you may encounter high traffic volume times that can bring your internet speed to a crawl. As your team deals with these issues, it can significantly drain your overall productivity as they deal with lagging technical matters. In addition, networks utilizing outdated cables and wires have a higher likelihood of experiencing severe lag and performance issues that affect every member of your company. 

Your Sophisticated Software Doesn’t Perform as Intended

Across multiple industries, businesses have begun embracing complex technical dashboards to present data to employees and clients to track essential metrics. Whether it’s your sales, engineering, or marketing teams, they rely on this information to better sell and understand their overall performance. Unfortunately, with these customized dashboards collecting this information, an outdated network can be an unexpected hurdle to best presenting this data. 

Your older network may lack the power and bandwidth to adequately showcase this data, and it causes an array of issues for your entire team. If you have found that your team has been experiencing more issues such as these, it could be a sign that you need to bring in the best CAT 6 cable installers in NJ

Potential Security Issues

Protecting your data requires a forward-thinking approach and a willingness to adapt to new developments in this constantly evolving space. Advancements in cyber security are always creating an environment where you need to keep your system updated as best you can. In addition, with older systems, new security threats can exploit older systems and find vulnerabilities that leave you open to cyber attacks. 

If your IT department or independent consultants have brought these concerns to your attention, it’s time to call the best network cabling company in NJ to help ensure your office can scale with the latest developments. 

Devices Having More Connection Issues

Your employees rely on a wide range of devices to get their work done to the best of their ability. With so many internet-connected devices working on a single network, ensuring everything can connect and use the bandwidth effectively is vital. If your team finds that their devices are having trouble connecting to the network, chances are your outdated network infrastructure is having trouble with the newer devices. 

Trust Network Drops With Your Network Upgrades

Once you’ve decided it’s time to upgrade your office network, you want to get the best data-cabling team for the job. Network Drops has become one of the top network cabling services throughout Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. We have helped clients of all sizes scale their wireless networks and cabling systems with advancing technology. We work with our clients to upgrade their networks to ensure they have the output capabilities to accommodate their needs. 

If you want to learn more about our CAT6 cabling solutions, please get in touch with our team to schedule your first consultation today!