How The Age of Working Remotely Demands Dependable Web Conferencing Solutions For Your Business

As a reputable provider of web conferencing solutions near Monmouth County, NJ, Network Drops understands that speedy WiFi connection and video calls over the internet are, nowadays, no-big-deal kind of occurrences, and all tie into “web conferencing.”

But what exactly is web conferring, and how does it differ from the video chats of yesteryear?

web confrence solution

Beyond Video Conferencing

Simply put, web conferencing software allows individuals to host or attend meetings over the internet — also referred to as online meeting software. At its heart, that’s what web conferencing is. Some may try to tell you that web conferencing is synonymous with video conferencing, although that’s not entirely true.

While web conferencing software supports video capabilities, not all video conference tools support web conferencing. The term to pay attention to here is “web.” Video conferencing, as a term, refers to a live, audio-video call or meeting between (at least) two participants. When it comes to video conferencing, we’re usually referring to tools that require video equipment such as external cameras, microphones, speakers, and phones without an internet connection.

Web conferencing software functions independently of this kind of equipment and does require an internet connection. Unlike traditional video conferencing solutions, web conferencing tools can be used virtually anywhere and on a variety of devices like your laptop, tablet, or phone. Not only does web conferring support audio calls and visual displays, but it also enables remote meetings based on Voice over Internet Protocol, instant messaging, files, and screen sharing. Its main takeaway is supporting collaboration to ensure robust, enriching, and smooth communication for those present — and those not present!

Our web conferencing solutions have tools to export the contents of your meetings to stakeholders and other pertinent parties who are not in attendance for reference and review. These solutions can manifest in various ways, including turning meeting highlights into easily-digestible slides and recordings that can be edited and emailed out.

What About Webinars?

Webinar software has many of the same features as web conferencing software, but it’s designed to support more substantial audiences. Think online conferences with participant numbers up to the thousands. Web conferences, on the other hand, are better suited for smaller meetings — ideal for somewhere between three and ten, but no more than a hundred participants.

Additionally, it’s not uncommon for software vendors to provide upgrades that can support webinars. In this case, users can partner with one vendor, and enjoy the flexibility and customization of sticking with familiar infrastructure. These upgrades are ideal for larger enterprises, especially those in the B2B market.

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In a world of virtual communication, your business must have the tools to make your meetings seamless for remote employees, stakeholders, clients, and beyond. For more information about our network cabling services near Monmouth County, NJ, contact Network Drops today!