How to Bring Your Security Systems into the Future with Low Voltage Cabling

Security expert checking out the system

Your network infrastructure has to handle many different applications and services, including your WiFi, phone, data, and everything else your business needs in day-to-day operations. When you upgrade your system and reinforce your infrastructure, finding different ways to maximize the output and ease the stress on your system when installing something like a security system becomes ideal. A move towards low voltage cabling can provide your New Jersey office with the structured cabling solutions you’ve been looking for!

What is Low Voltage Cabling?

When it comes to the voltage inside the wiring for your office, contractors consider anything below 50 volts as low voltage. While it may seem like going below 50 volts couldn’t possibly power everything that your building needs, including a new security system, it provides plenty of power. Low voltage cabling can utilize fiber optics and CAT6 wiring to help fortify your Monmouth County, NJ, office’s infrastructure and keep everything running smoothly. The additional benefit comes from the ease in which you can upgrade CAT6 wiring in the future, so you can keep your infrastructure essentially future-proof as the technology continues to evolve. 

How Can It Help Power Security Systems?

You don’t need to have a high energy output for video surveillance systems to keep the system continually running. Low voltage cabling provides offices with access to the perfect amount of power to keep their systems running without sending their energy bills through the roof. Keeping your alarm and video surveillance system operating on the low end of the power spectrum but still providing around-the-clock coverage allows your infrastructure to manage the systems that require more power more efficiently. 

Can It Be Applied to Fire Alarms?

Keeping your employees safe in any situation is one of the most important things you have to consider when installing security and fire alarm systems. While the security systems generally fall within detection and response, fire alarms are designed to let everyone know of a fire’s imminent danger. It’s another portion of your office’s overall design that benefits from low voltage cabling. 

When you have decided that a low voltage cabling system can prove beneficial to your office, you want an experienced team to handle the installation. As these components are more delicate, that experience goes a long way towards a smooth installation. With the help of the trained experts at Network Drops, we can help install your new low voltage cabling solutions and give your infrastructure the boost it needs to transition into the 21st century. Contact our team and get a quote today!