Is Your Network Ready for Your Employees Coming Back to the Office?

Busy Office at full capacity

As the pandemic begins to wind down and we approach a semblance of normalcy, your employees will start coming back into the office in some capacity. If your office experienced network connectivity and performance issues before the pandemic and during, especially if you had some employees in the building this past year, now is the best time to troubleshoot these problems. As more people return to work, ensuring that your network infrastructure is prepared for the new influx of traffic and people accessing it becomes critical. Network Drops has some critical insights into how you can drastically improve your network’s performance and structured wiring in time for your team’s full return to your Middlesex County, NJ office.


Diagnose the Problem 

The easiest way to improve your network’s performance remains accurately diagnosing the problem. Knowing whether your network slows down because of increased traffic during lunch hours, visitors using bandwidth, or if your infrastructure needs an upgrade boost can help you determine which areas of your network need addressing for improved performance. 

Check for Malware

Suppose you have examined your network’s performance and found that any slowdowns or performance issues aren’t related to increased internal or external traffic. In such instances, it might be time for a deeper dive into your network. Checking for malware can help you identify where your network is running afoul and give you a clear point of where to start. 

Have a Monitoring System in Place

Most networks have specific areas where the threat of network traffic jams negatively impacts overall performance. These bottlenecks can create havoc for employees trying to maintain their workflow, access documents, or communicate with teammates and clients. Creating a network monitoring system allows your infrastructure to better identify these potential bottlenecks and provide you with a clear insight into where and how you can adjust and fix any potential problems and issues. 

When Was the Last Time You Upgraded Your Software and Firmware?

Keeping your systems up to date can help significantly improve your overall network performance. If you have out-of-date routers or haven’t been able to perform the firmware updates regularly, then the performance of your network will begin to dip. Keeping a dedicated maintenance routine can help ensure that you stay on top of any and all firmware and software updates that come through for your network infrastructure. 

If All Else Fails, It’s Time to Upgrade Your Network

Sometimes, networks simply fail. Over time they will degrade, and no amount of tinkering and firmware updates will suffice. New technologies emerge that make older networks obsolete, and for your business to keep up, you need a network update. With the help of Network Drops, you can get new network infrastructure installed and get your Monmouth County, NJ office ready for the return of your team! 

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