cat5e Plenum vs Riser: Which One Should I Use?

Your business’s network is only as strong as the cables you use to hook everything up. If you are a business choosing Network Drops for installation, you will be using the highest quality Cat6 cable wiring and Cat5 cable wiring available in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. There are two different types of these cables, with one being a CMP, or plenum, and the other being a CMR, or riser.

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If network and fiber optic cabling isn’t your forte, you might be wondering what these cables are, and when you would use them. Luckily for you, Network Drops’ team of cable contractors are experts in this field and can educate you on which one to use in any given circumstance. Read on to find out which type of cable is the best fit for your building’s network connection.


Plenum Cables

CMPs are useful when looking to install cabling in areas near the ceiling in plenum spaces, near HVAC vents in the building. The most significant benefit to these types of cables is that they are fire-resistant and can withstand high temperatures. When stored in bundles, these wires can limit the spread of flames in this area, making it a reliable area to house computer and phone networks for businesses.

Riser Cables

Where the plenum cables are installed near the ceilings, CMRs are installed near the floors of your building. They are typically used for more basic networks, primarily in residential settings, but are still found in commercial offices as well. These wires are not as prevalent against heat, so they can NOT be used in place of plenum cables. However, if need be, plenum cables can be used in place of riser cables.

Knowing the difference between the two cables can not only help strengthen the network within your building, but it can also keep cables safe from damage caused by external elements. At Network Drops, we know which of these cables is best in each situation and can install them properly for your business looking to strengthen its network connection. For a free estimate or for more information on our Cat5 cable wiring in South Jersey and the Greater Philadelphia Area, contact us today!