How to Redesign and Layout Your Home Office: Part I

Starting a New Year, it’s often fun to restyle and redecorate your surroundings. If you’re the sort of person who spends more than a few hours in a home office or study, now may be the best excuse you’ll ever have to rethink and redesign your habitat.

Since 1986, our IT specialists at Network Drops have consulted with countless clients who have wanted to rehaul their home offices from the ground-up. When we tackle a home office, we want our clients to appreciate the potential and the transformation that occurs, converting the homely into the workable. As on any project, our first concern is the infrastructure.

Analyzing the Infrastructure of Your Office

When we think of network infrastructure in and around Monmouth County, NJ, we think of wiring and cabling underneath your floors and in between your walls. But knowing this is a home and not a business, we ask you the following question: “How many devices do you foresee yourself using?”

Generally speaking, we tend to see PCs, multiple monitors, laptops, printers, scanners, and the smartphone, all plugged and charging from one room. Although you may not be running each of these simultaneously every hour of the day, you’ll want to know how much electricity your room can handle and if any rewiring may be necessary.

Adjusting Your Interior Lighting

You may not realize it, but lighting can be as crucial as wiring when it comes to maintaining the ideal workspace within your home. Unless you yourself dabble in the art of interior lighting, you may want to invest in fluorescent fixtures or the latest craze—office floor lamps. Again, you do want to be conscious of the power you’re demanding from your circuitry and how much it easily can handle.

Allowing for Adequate Airflow

Just like your interior lighting, you may have overlooked the ventilation in your home office, but rest assured that it’s equally important. Too much stagnant heat can damage your equipment in the long run and leave you feeling more than a bit physically uncomfortable. By evaluating and investing in proper ventilation, like air conditioning units and fans, you’ll have designed a space you don’t mind working within.

Whether you plan for an entire video audio conferencing solution for your home near Monmouth County, NJ or a humble household study, Network Drops is ready to help you along the way.