The Science Behind The Conference Room?

Be you an IT company, a conclave of artists, or a lab of evil scientists, you probably congregate in a conference room at least once a week. Depending on the size and length of your meetings, you may prefer a smaller space for closer collaborating; or a grand imperial hall, gleaming with polished metals, and the latest in digital technology. As your most trusted cable contractors in Middlesex County, NJ will tell you, there’s an entire science behind the modern day conference room.

The Taoist Dwelling

Before we delve into the IT, we should address the psychology of the space, or its raison d’être (if we’ll be conferencing with anyone in Paris or Quebec). When you enter a room, your mind enters a new realm, so to speak. Stimulated by the unfamiliar, your subconscious becomes all the more sensitive to sounds and colors. Walls painted a louder, brighter color like yellow, bounce straight off our eyeballs, fueling feelings of euphoria and mental aptitude. Bloodier rooms elicit feelings, rightfully, of emotion, assertion, and warbanding (ideal in sales and marketing). Like the stone of lapis lazuli, blue walls inspire thoughts of sagacity, honesty, and truth.

Lighting and Layout

Having harnessed the rainbow, we can talk about the layout of the room itself‑how the seating and arrangement of the furniture speaks directly (and indirectly) to its occupants. Think about the shape of a conference table. On video calls to clients or outside parties, you can minimize confusion by placing your bosses and department heads at the front, or the middle of a table. Where monitors and projectors are concerned, you also want to be able to toggle both artificial and natural light sources. Having versatility in lighting allows you to leverage functionality and comfort.

A Wiring Infrastructure

Last, but certainly not least, is the wiring (or the lack thereof, if you’re thinking more in terms of wireless these days). With the aid of a smart and savvy cabling crew, you can easily implement all the audio and video conferencing solutions you’ve ever dreaming of having in Mercer County, NJ. Based on our IT principles, Network Drops always recommends that you invest in structured, low-voltage wiring. When you invest in the best wiring, you can equip your conference rooms with the best electronics on the market.