The Importance of Up-to-Date Fire Alarm Technology in Commercial Facilities


Safety is a top priority in any commercial facility, and having the latest technology in fire alarms can help keep your employees safe and provide peace of mind for anyone in your facility. Over the years, technological advancements have led to increased safety measures, helping to reduce potential risks and providing a quicker response time. Adequate fire alarm systems will safeguard your building’s structure and protect the lives of everyone inside, and you should never start operations without having a working knowledge of the condition of your fire alarm system. We’ll explain why you need to keep your system up to date and how to do so. 

How Fire Alarms Protect Your Property

Fire alarm systems help to protect your property from potential fires, preventing damage and saving lives. Using highly responsive sensors, fire alarms alert anyone in the building of danger through loud sirens and flashing lights. These systems are perfect for commercial facilities which often have large expansive rooms or corners that are rarely used and where fires may go unnoticed. So while a new system may feel like a significant investment, it’s a worthy one that provides unmatched levels of protection.

Detect the Initial Signs of a Fire

You can’t possibly be everywhere at once, and even the higher-staffed companies don’t have employees in every room. So the biggest benefit of fire alarm systems is acting as an eye in the back of your head of sorts, providing proper alerts to the initial signs of any fire.

Audible AND Visual Signals That Alert Every Individual

What good is a fire detection system if no one knows there’s a fire? Fire alarm systems detect fires and provide clear audible and visual alerts. With loud sirens and flashing lights, everyone in your facility will have no choice but to know about the emergency.

Fire Suppression Systems Can Help Douse the Flames

Many systems come with sprinklers, foam, or other suppression systems that can help stop fires or prevent them from spreading further. This can be very helpful for limiting damage or giving you and your employees more time to escape the facility. 

Advanced Systems Can Alert the Authorities for You

Instead of wasting precious time calling the authorities, fire alert systems can do it for you. The minute it detects a fire, it can send a signal to local fire departments to help reduce the time it takes for them to reach your property and help you focus on escaping the area safely.

How Long Do Fire Alarms Last?

Standard fire alarm systems last a bit longer than a decade, providing a good amount of coverage for your facility. That said, the lifespan can be variable, and with varied components, there are plenty of ways for your system to malfunction. As such, you should have yours installed and designed by professionals to reduce the risk of deterioration earlier than you’d like. 

Need New Fire Alarms? Here’s How to Tell

Besides reaching an age threshold, fire alarm systems usually give off a few signs that they may need replacing. And while it’s tempting for some property owners to ignore them, the last thing you want to do is have an unexpected incident show up at your front door. So pay close attention to the condition of your fire alarms and use these signs to act fast at the sight of trouble.

  • Failing components – Usually, these indicate trouble within your system. As components fail, they reduce the effectiveness of your system, and you need to address the issue ASAP.
  • A loud chirping sound – Often ignored, loud chirping sounds indicate low battery. But sometimes, these chirps can continue even after a battery change. That means it’s time for a new system.
  • Code compliance changes – The industry is constantly advancing, and while fire code changes likely won’t lead to significant changes, there’s always the possibility they will affect your system.
  • Parts that seem impossible to find – Have you found it difficult to find certain parts for your fire alarm? This can mean you have an old and outdated system.
  • False Alarms – When alarm systems repeatedly go off without warning, you should get it looked at. This can waste precious time and even desensitize you from the notification of an emergency.

Install a New Fire Alarm System With Network Drops

Network Drops can help protect your property by utilizing state-of-the-art fire alarm systems and technology that properly fit within your property. Choose from a wide selection of fire alarm systems, including manual and automatic systems, smoke detectors, CO detectors, and heat detectors that alert you to the initial signs of trouble. We also offer sprinkler and HVAC system monitoring and single-use systems to help assure code compliance is met. Explore more of our commercial fire alarm systems for NJ and PA or up the safety by securing your business with access control systems that prevent unwanted intruders.