The Role Network Infrastructure Security Has in Your Office

Network Security

You have your office network setup with the latest in fiber optic cables, the fastest routers, and the most up-to-date technology to improve your team’s productivity. With all of this technology backing your office’s network infrastructure, you think there isn’t much room for anything bad to happen that will ruin your network or compromise your data. However, if you don’t have the right network security infrastructure in place, your small office network can quickly become susceptible to attacks and intrusions that compromise your data. 

Instead of feeling completely at the mercy of cyberattacks and hoping for the best, there are ways you can protect your computer networks and provide your team with the confidence they need to believe that the data they share is 100% protected. Utilizing the network infrastructure consulting services provided by Network Drops is a good starting point, along with using the following strategies to protect your networked devices. 

Network Segmentation

Preventing unauthorized access to your data starts with identifying specific areas where outside actors can attack your network. Creating proper network segmentation can help protect your data from being interfered with at particular points within your network. Utilizing different wireless routers in your network can prove an effective means of creating this type of segmentation and boundaries for intruders to navigate to get to sensitive data. 

Better Protection for Peer-to-Peer communication

While you may think that communication between people already on your network won’t need as much security oversight as external attacks, these types of communication can provide hackers with an additional entry point to your system. 

With unfiltered email and digital communication for computers on your network, if one of them becomes compromised, it allows attackers to use this established connection to place more backdoors and malware applications on your network undetected. Installing safeguards against attacks like this and having the right security strategy in place can help better protect your network infrastructure from attacks. 

Take a Look at Your Security 

You’ll see different websites preach the importance of having strong passwords for your emails, logins, and other ways to verify your identity. These same practices can help give your infrastructure the safety boost it needs to protect against potential attacks. Improved encryption, stronger passwords, restricting access control to specific systems, and testing your security can all help you know what parts of your network infrastructure can use a bit more protection. 

Know Who Has Access to Sensitive Infrastructure Devices

There are specific devices on your network that have access to more sensitive information that can lead to significant data breaches. Limiting access to these devices can help protect against outside threats and quickly identify where any intrusions happened. Responding to these types of threats effectively can come down to knowing which systems got infected and reacting as soon as possible. 

Have Your Team Practice Safe Hardware and Software Install Procedures

The best way to protect your team and your network is to have everyone use their heads when installing third-party software and hardware on their devices. If you aren’t using software from reputable companies and can’t verify what you plan to install is legitimate, don’t install it. Without verification, there is a realistic chance that it’s a trojan horse for malware and other backdoors into your network. 

Improved Network Security for the Modern Age

No matter the size of your business, you want to ensure that your network is protected from any potential attacks from any outside attackers. Creating sound business security systems around your network can help better protect your most sensitive data, but knowing how to implement these strategies is critical. With the help of the Network Drops team, you can ensure your network infrastructure security is up to the task and ready for whatever external attacks may come your way. 

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