What Is VoIP, and Why Does My Business Need It?

How Does VoIP Work?

As the leading provider of structured wiring in and around Monmouth County, NJ, Network Drops understands the multitude of advantages to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). From chat platforms to video conferencing, VoIP allows co-workers to conduct business from anywhere in the world. Sounds great, right? Still, you might be asking yourself — “But what exactly is VoIP?”

Simply put, Voice over IP is an alternate communications service that permits the business to make calls over the internet as opposed to traditional phone lines. One of the most significant advantages of implementing VoIP capabilities is the elimination of hefty phone bills every month, as these services are typically cheaper than physical phone lines. The savings associated with upgrading from traditional phone services to calls over the internet have reportedly reached 60% and continue to trend upward.

How Does VoIP Work?

VoIP sends and receives what is known as digital audio “packets” between any two places via their IP addresses. The initial deployment is fast and inexpensive, as it does not require the implementation of line installation or new hardware. More often than not, VoIP solutions are as simple as plugging connections into your company computer!

Why Does My Business Need VoIP?

There are an array of benefits when it comes to implementing VoIP into your business, including:


Increased Flexibility

VoIP grants your company the freedom to control networks by only picking and choosing those that best support the business’ needs. You can customize your unified communication through tools such as messaging platforms, video conferencing capabilities, and standard phone services. 

Various Applications

The ability to multitask using features like email voicemail delivery, click-to-call buttons in emails, and presence information that can boost agent efficiency. 

Native Backup Plan

Without virtual phone systems, your company consistently runs the risk of losing telephone service due to outages and other unforeseen incidents. The costs associated with losing these services could be immense due to the hours business is down and potential repairs. On the other hand, VoIP lets you reduce the impact on your business by redirecting calls in response to an outage or setting routing plans beforehand in anticipation of the worst.

Remote Capabilities

VoIP providers make it simpler to transition devices via apps that allow you to set up your phone extension on any compatible device. So whether you’re on the road or visiting clients or traveling abroad, you can access all essential business tools from your mobile phone.

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