Why Your Call Center Needs Sound Masking Technology

Sound Masking Technology For Call Center

Call centers experience a great deal of incoming and outgoing calls over a single day. Depending on how big the particular center is, you can have many employees fielding calls simultaneously, and without appropriate sound masking technology in place, the noise can make it difficult for your team to field calls and provide the best customer service possible. 

When you have the best CAT6 wiring installers in Network Drops coming to your office to handle your network wiring, our team can also help you get the sound masking technology you need to give your team the chance to work in relative peace. Understanding how sound masking technology can help reduce the ambient noise in your call center is imperative, so let’s dive into some of the basics of how this can help your call center. 

Covering Sounds Vs. Blocking Sounds

The science behind sound masking comes down to two main techniques, and each has its unique benefits — covering or blocking sounds. Blocking out specific sounds usually means you have to soundproof a room with design features such as soundproof glass, foam, or other materials designed to impede the progress of sound. Sound blocking can work well in specific situations but may not be the best option to deal with background sound levels. 

Busy call centers must ensure a work environment where your team can adequately hear callers, provide their expertise, and help keep background noise to a minimum. Covering sounds with white noise sound masking machines might prove their best option. 

How Ambient Background Sound Masking Technology Works 

The Network Drops team specializes in installing sound masking systems that provide low ambient sounds to cover up the conversations happening around the office space. These machines generate white noise that covers up the audible frequency of human speech and creates a quieter work environment. 

By masking the sound of human speech from neighboring cubicles and offices, you help your employees focus on the tasks at hand and deliver the best customer service possible. Our team thoughtfully spaces out the sound masking machines to ensure that every inch of your call center experiences the benefits of the ambient white noise. 

The Benefits of Using Sound Masking Technology in a Call Center

In a busy and potentially stimulating call center environment, giving your team an environment where they can focus becomes a crucial component of your setup. Utilizing sound masking technology can help you ensure you give them that productive environment thanks to a slew of benefits provided by sound masking machines. 

Two of the main benefits of sound masking go hand in hand: reducing distractions and increasing productivity. Diminished background noise from other calls and human speech helps keep your team focused on the calls that come in and any they have to make. With these reduced distractions, they focus more on these calls and see a marked improvement in their overall performance and productivity. 

An additional benefit of this artificial white noise is that your team will feel less stressed. The reduced number of distractions helps keep your team feeling focused and in control, limiting the amount of stress and putting them in an environment where their focus leads to fewer errors and less stress. 

Privacy remains a major concern for call center employees and the customers placing the calls. Instead of navigating potentially thorny legal issues if personal information accidentally gets shared, the ambient white noise machines can help mitigate the likelihood of this information getting overheard. 

How We Lay Out the Sound Masking Machines 

Achieving the maximum amount of coverage in your call center requires understanding the impact of how laying out the machines plays in the process. If you space the machines too far apart, you lose the benefits that sound masking provides. Having them too close together can cause just as many headaches by making the background noise too distracting. 

Our team has performed countless sound masking machine installations and knows how to properly space them out to maximize their effectiveness. These machines can be either installed inside your ceiling or have them safely dangling over your cubicles and private offices. We lay them out in an optimal grid format to cover as much of your space as possible, creating white noise overlapping areas to ensure a consistently unified level of white noise. 

Trust Network Drops With Your Sound Masking Needs

When you want to outfit your call center with sound masking technology, you need to get an installation team to handle the job as efficiently and thoroughly as possible. It’s a job that you want to get done right the first time around, so you avoid any messy reinstallations after the fact. Our team has extensive experience installing these machines in call centers of all shapes and sizes. 

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