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Make sure your company’s internet and phone systems work just as well as the ones the experts set up for you. Whenever you need us, we’ll be there to give you top-notch service for setting up networks. Are you looking to get a new phone system for your office, or maybe you need cables for your internet and phones installed? When you’re picking a company to do the job, make sure they’ve got a good track record for getting networks up and running smoothly. In a busy place like our port town in New Jersey, having good communication is crucial. That’s why lots of businesses here are making sure they’ve got the right cables and systems in place. We’re not just here to install cables, though. At The Network Drop, we’ll also show you how to use your new setup. And if anything goes wrong, we’re here to fix it, whether it’s fiber optic cables or anything else.

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CAT5 & CAT5E Cabling in NJ

With our CAT5 & CAT5E cabling services in New Jersey, your network infrastructure will be equipped with the latest standards, offering enhanced performance & bandwidth for demanding applications.


CAT6 & CAT6A Cabling in NJ

Keep your business ahead of the curve with our cutting-edge CAT6 & CAT6A cabling solutions in New Jersey. Experience unparalleled performance and bandwidth to meet the demands of your most critical applications.

Network Cabling

Network Cabling in NJ

Our comprehensive network cabling services in New Jersey cover installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting, ensuring your business stays connected and productive.

Voice Over IP Cabling

Voice Over IP Cabling in NJ

Upgrade your communication systems with Voice Over IP cabling services in New Jersey, enabling clear & cost-effective voice communication over your network.

Structured Wiring

Structured Data Cabling in NJ

Our structured data cabling solutions in New Jersey provide a reliable foundation for your network infrastructure, optimizing data flow and supporting future scalability.

Fiber Optic Cable

Fiber Optic Installation in NJ

Harness the power of fiber optic technology with our fiber optic services in New Jersey, delivering fast and secure data transmission for your business.

Voice Data Cabling

Voice Data Cabling in NJ

Integrate voice and data communication seamlessly with our voice data cabling services in New Jersey, ensuring efficient collaboration and connectivity.

Ethernet Wiring Services

Ethernet Wiring Services in NJ

Our Ethernet wiring services in New Jersey ensure reliable and high-speed connectivity for your network devices, facilitating smooth data transfer and communication.

Network Infrastructure

Network Infrastructure in NJ

Enhance the reliability & performance of your network infrastructure in New Jersey with our comprehensive network infrastructure solutions, tailored to meet your business needs.

Cleanroom Access Points Installation

Cleanroom Access Points Installation in NJ

Ensure secure and reliable network connectivity in cleanroom environments with our access points installation services in New Jersey, adhering to strict cleanliness & safety standards.

Fire Alarm Systems

Fire Alarm Systems in NJ

Protect your business and employees with our fire alarm systems in New Jersey, providing early detection and alerting in the event of a fire emergency.

BDA Systems

BDA Systems in NJ

Improve in-building wireless coverage and emergency communication with our BDA systems in New Jersey, ensuring reliable connectivity for first responders and occupants.

Access Control System

Access Control System in NJ

Safeguard your premises and assets with our access control systems in New Jersey, allowing you to manage and monitor access to your facilities with ease.

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Commercial Network Drops in New Jersey

Commercial networking solutions encompass a broad range of networking needs such as data installation and structured cabling system design to ensure that businesses find a way to meet any data demands and user needs. For a business operating in a New Jersey, this requires help from a trusted communications cabling contractor with enough experience to work on the most complex cabling needs and set up smart and effective systems that will support high traffic without any problems. 

These companies turn to communication experts to handle their internet cables, wireless setups, data connections, and phone systems. If you don’t pick a reliable installer for your business network in New jersey, you might end up dealing with frequent repairs due to poorly connected cables, disrupting your daily operations. This highlights just how crucial it is to have fast, uninterrupted communication for your business.

Our installation team doesn’t just offer expert solutions; our reliable network systems will efficiently link every office in your company, saving you the headache of worrying about communication glitches. We use advanced systems that include well-organized cable designs and fiber optic technology to ensure seamless communication across your enterprise. Additionally, our technicians will check your computers, servers, phones, and security gear to make sure everything is running smoothly when you reach out to us.

Low Voltage Wiring Installation New Jersey

Installing low voltage wiring involves a range of services like installing alarm systems, setting up data cables, and arranging audio systems throughout office spaces. Because low voltage wiring is different from regular wiring, it requires a certain level of technical skill and expertise. For example, Cat5 cables can transmit data at around 100Mbps, while Cat6 cables can handle data speeds as high as 10Gbps. It’s important to hire a company with experience in setting up network installation cables. At The Network Drops, we’re known for our top-notch installation of all types of low voltage wiring systems. If you’re in New Jersey and need any kind of low voltage wiring work done, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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Fiber Optic Installation New Jersey

Setting up a fiber optic network involves some technical challenges. For example, even though you might decide not to divide open duct space, it’s important to secure innerducts to prevent cables from getting yanked out in the future. Another tricky aspect of fiber optic installation is the debate among contractors about whether pre-connectorized and distribution cable techniques are better than factory-terminated cross-connect techniques. We believe the right method for your system should align with your overall business objectives and be manageable for your technical team.

Some contractors in New Jersey overlook the importance of leaving at least 30 feet of slack cable, but it’s a good practice to ensure there’s extra cable available for repairs when needed.

Voice and Data Installation New Jersey

Our voice and data cabling setups feature state-of-the-art systems designed to smoothly handle data and phone calls throughout your business and beyond, without any communication hiccups. If your company has struggled with information flow or call quality issues, we’ve got you covered. Our wiring setup uses top-notch cables and advanced designs to make sure communication flows seamlessly and doesn’t interfere with other data systems. Voice and data installation is crucial for your business’s communication needs, which is why it’s smart to hire reliable contractors in New Jersey.
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Cat5 & Cat5e Cable Wiring In New Jersey

Building a reliable network is essential whether you’re setting up a home office in Philly or launching a tech startup in Newark. While Ethernet cables are key, the terms Cat5e and Cat5 can be confusing for newcomers and tech pros alike.

In areas like New Jersey, Cat5e and Cat5 wiring are crucial for business networks. Proper cable management ensures optimal performance and connectivity, with these cables being widely used across various businesses in these regions.

When it comes to inserting wires into an RJ45 connector for Gigabit Ethernet, Cat 5 Cables, Cat 5e, and Category 5 cables, precision is key. Utilizing twisted pairs and UTP cables, crimping tools are vital for creating crossover and straight-through cables, allowing data transmission up to 100 meters. These cables, capable of handling frequencies up to 100 MHz, enable fast Ethernet and Power over Ethernet (PoE) in different setups.

This guide clarifies the differences between Cat5 and Cat5e wiring, focusing on their applications in New Jersey, to help you make informed decisions for your network requirements.

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