3 Reasons to Go with Local Network Cable Installers for Your Out-of-State Sites

When it comes to your business or franchise, it can often be difficult to select a network cable installer for your out-of-state sites. Should you go with a company that is near your central office, or within distance of your off-site location? Perhaps neither?


As with everything in business, cost and trust are in play here. It can be tempting to have the same I.T. company that services your main office set up your out-of-state locations because you’re already familiar with their team and their modus operandi. Further, there’s a ton of network cabling installers out there, and opting for the company with the lowest charge may just seem like good business sense, even if they are located somewhere in Canada.


However, for your off-site branches in New Jersey or Pennsylvania, there are numerous benefits to having a network cable installer and I.T. support a short distance from the office. For your structured cabling solutions in New Jersey locations, it’s best to go local. Here are a few reasons why.


  1. In the I.T. industry, not everything can be handled remotely. When you have a service provider who is capable of visiting the site in person, it can make handling I.T. issues much smoother. This can be especially true of issues involving wiring or hardware, which can only be addressed hands-on.


  1. On-site technicians can spot other unseen issues. Whether it’s during the process of installation or a routine inspection, a service provider can deal with any other technical problems that they notice on their visit, allowing your provider to fix multiple issues at once and kill two birds with one stone.


  1. Your on-site employees will have a personal relationship with their provider. Rather than use the same network cable company for all of your business’s locations, going with a local NJ or PA company will allow the employees at your off-site location to have a face-to-face relationship with their provider, facilitating both trust and ease of communication. And remember: with Network Drops, if you think an on-site visit is unnecessary, a quick phone call will do!


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