Wireless Access Points for Research & Manufacturing Facilities
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Cleanroom Access Points Installation

From hospitals to research facilities and manufacturing plants, cleanrooms are used in a wide range of industries. As these industries expand and adapt to new technologies, so must these workspaces. At Network Drops, we can help you keep your cleanroom connected and secure at all times with intelligent cleanroom access point installation.

In controlled environments like these, it is important you maintain compliance with each new installation, service, and infrastructure change you make. That is why Network Drops is your trusted cleanroom access point installation team. With decades of experience in network architecture, we understand the standard of work needed and can ensure our work fits the bill.

Cleanroom Access Points Installation
Custom Wireless Access Points

Custom Wireless Access Points for Cleanrooms in PA & NJ

No two cleanrooms are the same. Each is uniquely designed to fit the needs of your operation, which is why we base your access points around your cleanroom setup. We’ll use industry-trusted best practices to guide our installation, which includes limiting and avoiding co-channel and adjacent channel interference, and designing to the lowest-powered devices.

Wireless networks for cleanrooms are an essential upgrade for many facilities. Not only does this network allow stronger connectivity and greater flexibility for organizations, but installing wireless access points enable cleanrooms to minimize the connection hardware they need, freeing up valuable space.

At Network Drops, we can help you determine the network needs of your cleanroom facility. Simply pick up the phone and give one our team members a call, or, fill out our online contact form and we’ll start working on your free quote.

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Cleanroom Access Point Installation
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Whether you need speakers installed in your cleanroom or a total wireless network design and installation, the team at Network Drops has you covered. We have years of experience in all types of facilities, including pharmaceutical environments and electrical component production plants. We also install network access points for research and manufacturing cleanrooms as well.

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Contact our team of cleanroom wireless network professionals today to discuss your cleanroom network needs. We can help you figure out the best way to fulfill your network infrastructure requirements, and install the access points your cleanroom needs to stay connected and secure at all times.

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Numerous businesses can benefit from Network Drops' Cleanroom Access Points Installation solutions.

Here is a list of industries or businesses that can benefit from Cleanroom Wireless Access Points for Research & Manufacturing Facilities provided by Network Drops:

  1. Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturing: Research facilities and manufacturing plants in the pharmaceutical industry can benefit from cleanroom wireless access points for maintaining connectivity without compromising sterile conditions during drug development and production.
  2. Biotechnology Companies: Biotech firms require wireless connectivity in cleanroom environments to facilitate data transfer and communication while conducting sensitive research and manufacturing biological products.
  3. Semiconductor Fabrication: Semiconductor manufacturing facilities rely on cleanroom wireless access points to enable seamless communication and data transfer within highly controlled environments critical for producing microchips and electronic devices.
  4. Aerospace and Defense Manufacturing: Research and manufacturing facilities in the aerospace and defense sectors often employ cleanroom wireless access points for communication and data transmission during precision engineering and assembly of equipment.
  5. Optics and Photonics Industry: Businesses involved in manufacturing sensitive optical components and precision optical instruments utilize cleanroom wireless access points to ensure reliable connectivity without compromising the integrity of the products.
  6. Nanotechnology Research: Nanotech labs and research facilities utilize cleanroom wireless access points for maintaining connectivity while handling nanomaterials and conducting experiments on nanoscale devices.
  7. Medical Device Production: Manufacturers of medical devices and equipment often require wireless access in cleanroom environments to ensure seamless communication and data transfer during the assembly and testing of medical instruments.
  8. Food Processing Facilities: Certain areas of the food processing industry utilize cleanroom wireless access points for maintaining connectivity in controlled environments, ensuring hygienic conditions and preventing contamination.
  9. Scientific Research Laboratories: Various research laboratories across disciplines, such as physics, chemistry, and material science, benefit from cleanroom wireless access points for uninterrupted communication during experiments and data collection.
  10. Microbiology and Biomedical Research: Laboratories conducting microbiological studies, cell culture work, and biomedical research leverage cleanroom wireless access points to maintain connectivity while handling sensitive materials and conducting experiments.


These industries and businesses can significantly benefit from Cleanroom Wireless Access Points for Research & Manufacturing Facilities provided by Network Drops, ensuring reliable and secure wireless connectivity within controlled and sterile environments.