5 Tips For Maintaining A Clean Server Room

Your server room is almost certainly a walk-in closet, and closets exist primarily so you can quickly throw your junk out of sight, right? In terms of your broom closet, go ahead and just pile your stuff in there—you know, in a way which causes the built up mess to come crashing out when the door opens.

But your server room should be a different story.

If your networking framework is disorganized, that’ll certainly lead to headaches. For one, the voice and data cabling company that services your Monmouth County, NJ area business will hate you. Beyond that, taking a few smart steps toward a cleaner IT infrastructure will be better for your business on the whole.

You don’t have to build a state-of-the-art server farm to ensure a sleeker, more sensible space at your office:

Own the Right Racks

A 2U rack mount doesn’t mean that Bonno is going to be sitting in your server room organizing cat6 cables. Server racks are measured in rack units—where 1U equals 1.75 inches, and they increase incrementally from there. Server components are designed to fit various racks in terms of RUs, so determine the sizing of your necessary equipment, and then you can obtain properly fitting racks.

Wires, Wires Everywhere

The most visible contribution to a messy server room will be thanks to your disorganized cables. Invest in a patch bay. It’ll act as a centralized hub for your Ethernet cables and will keep them organized in a way that makes dealing with them unfathomably easier. We can install yours in less than a day.

Labels, Labels Everywhere

But not just on one end. Label both ends of all cables so you can be certain about what they’re for without having to think twice. Label ports, too. If you have extra labels after you’re finished, you can use them to go label your lunch so it won’t get stolen, again, for the seventh time.

Velcro and Zip Ties

A little bit of Velcro can go a long way in terms of bunching cables together in an organized fashion. Zip ties serve the same function, except they’re more permanent. You can also use them to threaten the interns if they start acting up.

Cut Me Some Slack

Nothing will add to your server room’s clutter more than using a 20-foot cord to connect two ports that are 16 inches away from each other. Trim them down to size to optimize space, look, and cash.

As the go-to low voltage contractor in Middlesex County, NJ, we’d be happy to help you reorganize your server room, or help your business out with any of its networking needs. Give us a call today to learn more!