Is Your Healthcare Facility HIPAA Compliant?

If you own a healthcare facility anywhere in America, then you know that HIPAA regulations are a main concern. These laws are designed with the safety and protection of patients in mind. HIPAA regulations safeguard the private information of those receiving health care, and their enforcement is something that’s taken extremely seriously.

At Network Drops, we provide structured cabling solutions across South Jersey, and we understand that there are few other personal revelations that can be as damaging as someone’s medical records. In fact, HIPAA regulations can be extremely complex. While you should always check with your attorney, we have some general tips to make sure your facility’s network is 100% compliant.

Physical Security

One of the most significant differences between most networks and those following HIPAA regulations is that the hardware must be physically secured. Now, it’s certainly a recommendation for anyone to keep their server room locked and restrict access to it, but this is a necessity for HIPAA compliance.

Access points also need to be physically secured. You can keep them away from strangers by:

  • Placing them on the ceiling, high above reach.
  • Hiding them inside walls or ceiling drop spaces.
  • Utilizing a locked cage that prevents access.

Network Segregation

When setting up your network topography, you need to ensure that patients, visitors, or anyone else (who hasn’t been cleared) cannot access patient records. Typically, most methods of segregation involve wiring a separate physical network. This can provide the insurance that your public Internet does not touch your crucial business network.

Error and Data Breach Reporting

Every system that is HIPAA compliant is also required to have thorough reporting and tracking of all errors, breaches, and discrepancies as they occur. The regulations require swift notification if personal information has been stolen from a patient. Having these reporting and collation procedures in place can not only help you protect your patients, but it can also save you from costly penalties.

By ensuring your network is HIPAA compliant, you can be confident that you, your patients, and your healthcare facility is safe and protected.

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