Structured Cabling Projections for 2021 and Beyond

Two people going over projections for the network cabling industry

If 2020 has shown us anything, it is that the world can change quickly, and adaptation remains critical. As more people began to work from home and their kids went to class online, the kind of stable internet speeds required to perform all of these functions at a high level has become one of the most desired solutions in the structured cabling market. Even when people start going back into the office, the need to process large volumes of data quickly and efficiently across industries has jumped to the top of many wishlists. By identifying the areas where the structured cabling market is currently trending, you can help stay ahead of the curve and get your home or office ready for the future. 

The following infographic shows some of the important trends to keep an eye on:

structure cable trends

Future Proof Your Infrastructure

As technology improves and offers faster data transfers, businesses and workers need access to these lightning-fast speeds to meet the interconnected world’s increased demands. Structured cabling solutions can prove beneficial in offering hard-wired solutions to internet access. With the proliferation of fiber optic cables across the board, the amount of information that can get transferred continues to increase. New infrastructure technologies are being developed to meet the higher demand, and you’ll want to have a cabling system in place that lends itself to these rapidly changing solutions. 

CAT 6 Wires Still Dominating The Market 

For every structured cabling system, you need effective cables to make the whole thing work. Over the years, businesses have made the transition from CAT5 wires to CAT6 and CAT6A wires. CAT6 and CAT6A wires offer strong compatibility with systems still using CAT5 wires and higher transfer speeds. The CAT6 cable’s versatile and compatible nature means that it will continue to hold the lion’s share of the cabling market and be the option of choice for installers and businesses for the foreseeable future. Anyone looking to upgrade to CAT6 wiring in Monmouth County, NJ should contact Network Drops.

Finding Solutions That Are Best for Business

For businesses looking to find the right structured cabling solutions in 2021, they have to identify where they can upgrade their current system and what kind of needs their team and potentially their customers need from them moving forward. With a consistent reliance on the internet to accomplish various tasks, providing a strong connection can improve your team’s efficiency and make potential customers’ experience as smooth as possible. 

If you are looking for low voltage cabling in Monmouth County, NJ, or want to ensure your current setup is ready to scale in 2021 and beyond, Network Drops can help! Contact us for a quote on your next project today!