Wireless Warehouse Essentials

If there’s one thing that an effective warehouse values, it’s efficiency; a well-ordered structure. And if there’s one thing we value here at Network Drops, it’s also structure. So when it comes getting your warehouse operation to go wireless, who better than us to help you?

But before you give us, your trusty low voltage contractor serving Monmouth County, NJ, a call, let’s cover the basics of wireless warehouse management.

RF Guns

A vital accoutrement to any retail warehouse is an RF gun. With the advent of smartphones, sure, it’s now possible to turn your iPhone or Android into an RF gun of its own, but we advise AGAINST doing that. The truth is, no smartphone can effectively and holistically replicate the functionality of what a professional RF guns can achieve.

  • RF gun scanners are usually at least twice as fast as smartphones
  • Longer range scanning
  • Dim light scanning
  • Much longer battery life
  • Many extra features that phones don’t have, like push-to-talk and more

The takeaway here is, RF guns are vital to your wireless warehouse operation, so don’t skimp. Get a professional device; it’ll be money well spent.

Routes For Your Router to Take

There are several kinds of routers. While one may perform best in warehouse X, warehouse Y may do better with a different model, and so on. It can get confusing, but the good news is, you don’t need to know the specifics. As the leading voice and data cabling service in Monmouth County, NJ, our job is to know how to optimize your wireless infrastructure from an efficiency perspective, from the router up.

    • Wireless AC – Gigabit WiFi/1 GigaBit per second
  • Wireless B – Wireless B is no longer manufactured itself, but many new routers still support the method
  • Wireless G – 54mbps, essentially a faster version of wireless B

We’ll take care of the specifics.

Warehouse Wireless Site Survey

Warehouse site survey is the method whereby we’ll orchestrate a wireless network to best suit a specific facility’s needs. We’ll audit your site, conduct necessary interference tests, conduct other analyses, and then architect a game plan via computer software. The outcome will be an efficient and affordable infrastructure, which, of course, we’ll manage for you.

  • Software We Use – We have a series of Microsoft applications that aid in helping us conduct a quality site survey. Between our expertise and top quality tools, you can count on us to get the job done right.

Get in touch today to get going on building your efficient wireless warehouse infrastructure!