How Can Your Business Benefit from a Voice Over Internet Protocol System?

When you pick up the phone and call a customer, you make a connection. Voice communication leads to a faster back-and-forth and fewer misunderstandings than email. If your business regularly uses the phone, then you can benefit from a Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) system. This technology offers several benefits, and Network Drops will install the Cat6, Cat3, Cat5, or Cat5E wiring that your New Jersey business needs to get it up and running.

Save a Ton of Money

Every minute that you spend on a traditional phone line, you lose more money, and that cost skyrockets when the call is international. VoIP is a fixed cost on your Internet bill — no matter how much you talk and where the other caller is located. Studies show that businesses can save up to 40% on local calls and up to 90% on international calls when they switch to a VoIP system.

Sound Significantly Better

This technology has much better sound quality than regular phone lines. You use a higher quality speaker and microphone, and a higher frequency ensures that you sound crisp and clear. VoIP’s sound quality may waver a bit when competing with bandwidth-heavy programs, however.

Initiate a 3-Way Call

Are you sick of crowding around a conference call and struggling to make out what everyone is saying? With VoIP, you aren’t restricted to just two lines, so three or more callers can comfortably join the call.

Don’t Get the Office Sick

VoIP makes telecommuting simple, so you don’t have to come in when you’re feeling under the weather. You can remotely access voice, fax, and data services through your business’s intranet from home or on a business trip.

Send Videos and More

VoIP allows you to transfer video, images, and text along with sound. Put a friendly face to your voice by showing yourself on webcam, or immediately send a file to the person you’re speaking with.

Don’t Waste Bandwidth

The data of your call will be compressed to use less bandwidth, and whenever there is a moment of silence, the VoIP fills that “empty” space with data. This efficiency allows VoIP systems to support more phone calls and programs without overburdening your network.

Get Started!

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