Choosing the Right Structured Cabling Infrastructure

As the leading provider of Cat5 cable wiring throughout Montgomery County, PA, Network Drops understands that determining optimal solutions for your business in advance saves time and money in the long run — and building a structured cabling infrastructure is no exception! However, before you select the types of cables to move forward with, consider whether your company owns or leases the building your employees work in. If you own, you’ll want to figure out the primary usage and speed requirements. If leasing, you’ll need to determine how long you’re planning to stay or what suffices for your organization’s signature offerings.

Determining Cabling Infrastructure for Your Industry

Do you utilize training or conference rooms that require predictably fast internet speeds? Perhaps you own an executive office space where technology and infrastructure are of utmost importance.

Or, perhaps you are the IT director for a high-volume medical clinic and need to make decisions on behalf of an entire organization. You may need security, reliable automatic doorways, medical equipment, and hospital-grade refrigeration that regulates temperature for medicine like insulin or organs used to save lives.

Manufacturing or automotive plants require industrial-grade cables with outer sheath rated for extreme environments. This heavy-duty cabling must prevent damage from electromagnetic interference (EMI) and hazard materials.

Whether you are in the market to install network cabling at a new construction building or you need to re-cable an existing workplace, it’s imperative to be aware of the various types of network cables available to choose from. As such, you must partner with a trusted team of IT professionals and budget for cabling infrastructure expenses.

different types of Cabling Infrastructure

A Cabling Infrastructure Vendor You Can Trust

We will make honest assessments and make you aware of systems that will allow your organization to adapt without worrying about invasive, showstopping upgrade requirements. For more information about how our low voltage contractors near Monmouth County, NJ, can help your business, contact Network Drops today!