The Difference Of 50-Micron Gold-Plated Connectors

If you’ve ever wondered, “What’s up with those 50-micron gold-plated ethernet connectors that Network Drops is always so excited about?” then you’re in good company in Monmouth County with our cabling contractors.

We’ll trust that you know what an ethernet cable is, first off. On that fabled Internet cable in your mind’s hand, you have RJ45 plugs on the end. Said plugs enter your modem, connecting it to a computer, laptop, printer, camera or other digital device in your private office, home or industrial facility.

The Magic of Cable Connectivity

Because your ethernet cable is all about maintaining connections between the modem and your devices in your use, the plating on that plug is about as crucial as it gets. Between people, jobs, and electronics, connectivity is all about conductivity. Metals remain one of the most ubiquitous and conductive of materials readily available to us. The real rub here, however, is that not every metal is formed equally.

The Golden Ratio of Conduction

Now, you may remember, it’s not unusual to see copper and nickel in our wiring and currency. It almost seems too obvious, right? “Why don’t we just melt down our pennies to cap our ethernet cables?” Pennies, in reality, don’t have all that much copper on them—hence why they’re not as copper green as Lady Liberty. Second problem—copper and nickel corrode with too much water or humidity nearby. Simply put: you need some bling to get some conduction.

The Superiority of 50-Micron Gold

Gold, it just so happens, doesn’t corrode in the presence of humidity and moisture. If you were a king back in the Greco-Roman days, would you have wanted swords and armor that rusted? If it wasn’t good enough for Caesar, it shouldn’t be good enough for you, your home, and business.

Gold-plated connectors have a durability, and conductivity that you cannot get from other metals and cabling. When our specialists oversee data cabling installations near Monmouth County, NJ they insist on 50-micro gold plated connectors, knowing that the grade of the cable affects more than speed; but also the stability of your network’s internet connection.