How Fiber Optic Cables Can Build You a Better Network

Having a network infrastructure in place to handle your company’s data transmission needs is crucial for any sized business. With copper-based cables, the distances in which that information can travel are somewhat limited without having signal boosters installed. Modern businesses need to have the technology backing their internal networks to boost their communication abilities with their customers. But is there an option available to companies that can take their networks to the next level? Luckily, thanks to fiber optic cables, you have that high performing option for your network solutions. 

The Benefits of Fiber Optic Cables

The ways that fiber optic cables are constructed leads to better transmission of information across greater distances. The cables are built from one or more thin strands of glass encased in the outer cladding that reflects the light inwards to reduce energy loss over greater distances. 

Some of the benefits of fiber optic cables can be found in this infographic:

How Fiber Optic Cables impact network infrastructure

Higher Bandwidths

Fiber optic cables also support a high capacity bandwidth. They can support data speeds starting at 10 Gbps and going upwards of 100 Gbps, which helps improve the sheer volume of information that your network can process at a given time. 

Less Interference

Standard copper wiring needs an additional level of protection from electromagnetic interference, usually a layer of shielding that goes around the cables. For fiber optic cables, that extra layer of shielding is not needed. Fiber optic cables do not carry an electrical current while transmitting data, thus negating the need for additional protection from electromagnetic interference. 

Future Adaptability 

As more companies are looking for different networking solutions for the future of their business, fiber optic cables are positioned to be widely adopted across the board. Some studies have indicated that fiber optic cables will see increased growth and adoption as more businesses across different industries upgrade their existing networks. With fiber optic cables representing the future of network cabling, all of the updates to the technology will revolve around optimizing the fiber optic cables’ performance and further improving their performance. 

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