The Main Components of a Structured Cable System

For your office to run with all the technology needed to best interact with clients and complete tasks, having a structured cable system is essential. Network Drops specializes in setting these systems up and can install network data wiring for offices in Middlesex County, NJ and other surrounding areas in need of cable systems. There are a few critical components of having your cabling system installed correctly that the Network Drops team keeps in mind on every project.

Entrance Facilities

This component connects the outside and the inside of the facility through various cables and hardware. It contains most of the backbone pathways and allows your system to communicate with other outside systems.

Equipment Rooms

This element includes all of your servers, switches, cross-connectors, and other more complex components of your wiring system. Primarily, this area is used to house all of your consolidation points and should be environmentally protected due to the equipment inside.

Backbone Cabling

This part of the system connects everything the equipment room to the telecommunications room and everything in between. If you’re familiar with vertical cabling, then you already know all about this component. Backbone cabling typically reaches up to about 90 meters, or nearly 300 feet.

Telecommunications Rooms and Enclosures

This component houses all the interconnections and terminations between the horizontal and vertical cabling. It may be a full room (TR), but will more likely be smaller (a TE), and may even be in a cabinet in a specified area of the room.

Horizontal Cabling

These cables run across ceilings and below the floors of your office space and are the main line of communication between the telecommunications rooms and enclosures and your work areas. Similar to backbone cabling, this wiring can reach up to 90 meters.

Work Areas

It’s exactly what it sounds like: the area where you are working and putting your network and the communication throughout each component to work. This system powers all of your computers and phones, and the area must have at least two power outlets accessible to power them.

These components of your structured cabling system will all be handled by Network Drops when you turn to us for installation. Our team is compiled of experts who can handle all of your network cabling and audio and video conferencing solutions in New Jersey and Eastern PA. For a free estimate on your company’s installation, contact Network Drops today!