How Can Structured Cabling Solutions Help My Business?

structured cabling solutions

Companies are always looking for ways they can streamline their business. Whether it’s by consolidating software, outsourcing, or otherwise trimming the fat to cut down on overhead, the list goes on. But there’s another solution that you may not have considered — structured cabling systems

Unsure of how it can help you and your business? We’re here fill you in! As the leading provider of structured cabling solutions throughout New Jersey, Network Drops understands the following advantages of implementing, redesigning, and maintaining your structured cabling system:

structured cabling solutions


A structured cabling design offers a comprehensive telecommunication infrastructure to transmit data, voice, alarm, media, or signals through your network. Through using structured cable networks, you will find that they are more secure and robust than networks based on wireless technology.

Most businesses use various kinds of devices or IT equipment simultaneously. As such, using a single system reduces the complexity that comes with deploying multiple wiring infrastructures in the same location. In the event of a problem, identifying and solving the issue will be a pain-free experience – which leads us to our next point:

Less Downtime

Since structured cabling provides a practical organizational framework, it’s easy to solve problems regarding connectivity. You’re likely to spend a good chunk of time trying to track down a problem cable when relying on multiple wiring infrastructures. This monumental task reduces productivity since workers have to wait until network troubleshooting is complete, which ultimately hurts your business revenue. However, with structured cabling, issues are addressed quicker, thus reducing downtime and related setbacks.


Structured cabling systems come with high bandwidth. Given this operational caliber, the system can support any future applications you introduce to your business, such as video conferencing and multimedia, without interrupting the current operation. When it comes to dealing with outdated systems, you can rest assured a cabling infrastructure has a fortified shelf life that is ever-compatible with modern technology and conducive to your growing business.

With our structured cabling solutions in South Jersey, you’ll regain control of your network, mobilize your workforce, and feel confident about your company embracing future technology. For more information, contact Network Drops today!